Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Anamosa men’s golf senior three rivers_ absolutely, no contest – journal-eureka_ community

ANAMOSA — After turning in a phenomenal performance at the men’s Three Rivers golf championship Saturday, Aug. 15, winning the event by 33 strokes with a record score, what could the Fawn Creek Country Club seniors possibly do for an encore? Win by an even wider margin. Hosting the Three Rivers Senior golf championship at the Fawn Creek Country Club Monday, Aug. 17, the Anamosa club accomplished what many didn’t think possible.
Fawn Creek’s 33-stroke victory on Saturday was an unbelievable showcase of golf skill, but the seniors proved themselves even better among the talented Three Rivers.

field, winning the championship by a mind-boggling 35 strokes. Fawn Creek tallied a 895 team total to win the Senior Three Rivers tournament over runner-up DeWitt Springbrook’s 930 total. The championship completed the trifecta for the Anamosa club, winning all three major summer tournaments (women’s Eastern Iowa, men’s Three Rivers and men’s Senior Three Rivers). Anamosa wasted little time on taking control of the one-day, 18-hole event tallying a 535 score after the first nine holes of play, and had already accumulated a huge 16-stroke advantage over runner-up DeWitt Springbrook. The hosts pulled away from good on the second nine holes, extending their lead by 19 strokes.

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